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Department of environmental studies and natural resources is a scientific and educational department which provides complex expertise in the environmental pillar of sustainable development in the scientific, educational and operational field on the strategic, conceptual and also regional level.

The department provides education not only at the FRRMS, but it is involved in the teaching at others faculties of MENDELU and at the Institute of long-life studies. Teachers of the department are experienced lecturers using modern didactic methods and equipment. The educational activities are focused on the transfer of basic knowledge and skills, and also inform students on the current events and strategies in taught disciplines. During master studies the lecture blocks with contract workers and consultation form of instruction are often used. Members of the department ensure training also in the doctoral study programs and they are active trainers in PGS. They supervise many bachelor and diploma theses.

A scientific research activity at the department is divided into 4 basic areas. It focuses on the environmental aspects of regional development, protection of nature and natural resources, on the landscape and regional planning and multi-purpose landscaping. Members of the department are regularly involved in the solution of research projects (VaV, TAČR, FRVŠ, NAZV etc.). For its scientific research activities the staff uses modern data collection and processing tools (CAD, GIS, GPS, statistics, climate sensors and other), and also the system secular research areas.

To ensure the practical training there are many contacts established with the representatives of government and non-governmental institutions, business companies and non-profit sector. The long-term cooperation is for example established with these organizations: Lesy města Brna, Lesy města Hradec Králové; VAK Brno, a.s.; Magistrát města Brna; ČHMÚ Brno, OLIVIA, s.r.o., CDV, v.v.i., LČR, s.p., VLS ČR, s.p.

prof. Ing. Ilja Vyskot, CSc.

Head of department